Trading Rubio? Wolves general manager: It did not even matter

Timberwolves general manager Milt – Newton today in an interview with the Associated Press to clarify the outside world about the team point guard Rubio to trade rumors, he said the team will not “any team to discuss” trading Rubio.Houston Rockets heat transfers

“We will not deal with anyone to discuss matters Rubio,” Newton said. “We hope Rubio in the new season to become an integral part of the team. We hope he can have a good pre-season training camp to participate, and to lead team. ”

Rubio due to an ankle injury last season, played only 22 games, and the new season is a new beginning of last season he signed a new four-year contract worth $ 56 million. Rubio next month will be at least 25 years of age, but he had drawn the short straw enduring the invasion of serious injuries in the first four seasons of his NBA career two years.

But Newton for Rubio is still confident that the team star is “one of the league’s best propeller.” Timberwolves think the team needs to make the organizers of this magnificent team’s future Andrew – Wiggins and Carl – Anthony – Downs perfectly up and running.

“Our team is now very young, very athletic, so the state will have ups and downs. So we hope to try to dig them out of talent. And in the leadership team, promoting the rhythm, organization ball, sending the ball scoring opportunities and help Good running teams in these areas, who could Bilubiao do better? We hope Rubio can become a team leader, “Newton said.Houston Rockets t shirt iron on transfers

Rubio If you want to do better in the new season, he needs to improve shooting and the basket finishing ability, of course, all this he was able to build on a healthy basis.

Wilkes Lakers legend Biography of: a low-key superstar Showtime

Jamal – Wilkes delicate style often overlooked fans, has won the respect of opponents. His 12-year NBA career did not get matching fame, but where he is a winner. Before entering the NBA, Wilkes at UCLA won the nation’s best players, he is also a key player in two NBA championship. Rookie season, he is an important player the Warriors win. When the Lakers won three titles in the 1980s, he was also a key player.Indiana Pacers heat transfers

Wilkes was born in 1953 Shihai called Jackson – Keith – after Wilkes, soon to become a professional player, because of his religion of Islam, he changed his name to Jamal Abu Toure – Latif But he still with Jamal – Wilkes name travels. He was the 1975 Rookie of the Year, but college teammate – Bill Walton hide his light. After more than 10 seasons, he hit those who despise his face.

Warriors in 1974 with the 11th overall pick of Wilkes, the team leader Rick – Barry averaged 30.6 points that season. Wilkes only a supporting role, that season he averaged 14.2 points and 8.2 rebounds, is consistent with Al – Art DeGeneres’s coaching philosophy. Mid-season, the Warriors began to force, they only get 48 wins, while the league’s top Celtics have 60 wins and bullets separately.

Warriors in the playoffs after a bitter struggle, they stepped before the Sonics and the bodies of the Bulls broke into the 1975 NBA Finals, against the Washington Bullets. Warriors shocked the basketball world with a 4-0 win over rivals the performance of rookie season Wilkes would have a championship ring.

He was always able to make the right decision, he can catch any pass him the ball, he was meticulous in the defensive end. His passing teammate always makes it easier when you pass another person, these are the data can not be embodied.Indiana Pacers t shirt iron on transfers

Wilkes supple shooting a scene the league, he shot a variety of ways, but this play also has close to 50% hit rate. Wilkes also a stable free throw shooter, Lakers coach Paul – West Head in the “Los Angeles Times” commented on Wilkes shots. “Like snowflakes fell on the bamboo.”

Brown announced retrenched defensive tackle Phil – Taylor

Tuesday, Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Phil announced retrenched – Taylor (Phil Taylor). As a 2011 first-round pick last season, Taylor Brown effectiveness of four seasons. According to the official NFL Network reporter reported that Taylor Brown sacked because of his injury status. The strikers this season, you can get $ 5.47 million guaranteed salary.Green Bay Packers iron ons

Since undergoing knee surgery, Taylor has missed the entire preseason. Coach Mike – Peiting (Mike Pettine) also said on Monday that the future of the Taylor can not draw any conclusions. Tuesday interview, Pei Ting said: “We need to stay out of the list of vacancies that need to do some difficult choices.”

Taylor efficient performance in anti-run, currently still does not rule out the possibility that he will return to Brown. This season, Brown has been defensive spikes Danny in the draft – Shelton (Danny Shelton), he will, and Randy – Starks (Landy Starks) and Desmond – Bryant (Desmond Bryant) Frontline team composition. If Shelton did not meet the requirements of the team, Taylor still would be a good choice.Green Bay Packers t shirt iron on transfers

Eagles coach Kelly on regulatory issues and alliances at loggerheads over

Philadelphia Eagles in the second round of the preseason game home victory over the visiting Baltimore Ravens, the game return to the game a year later Eagles quarterback Sam – Bradford (Sam Bradford) at once When the attack was Ravens linebacker Terrell – Suggs (Terrell Suggs) brutally knocked to the ground, then the referee finds that a foul Suggs, concurrence of the yardage.Houston Texans iron ons

赛 后萨格斯 expressed satisfied, claiming to be a legitimate collision, then Vice-Dean NFL referee department – Blandino (Dean Bladino) finds this penalty case of miscarriage of justice, Suggs collision is legal. Because, according to NFL rules introduced in 2012, while performing reading option quarterback offensive treatment by the defense will be running back the same, that no longer enjoy all the quarterback protection policy, unless the quarterback can show themselves ready to pass ball or obvious display is no longer entitled to the ball, it will again be treated as a quarterback.

But Hawks coach Chip – Kelly (Chip Kelly) and Blandino of dissenting statement, he believes there is no error when the value of the referee, because this is not a read option attack. So he responded in an interview: “This is not the area to read the attack, but one of the most simple quarterback get the ball to running back not only put the shotgun formation every time we fight on behalf of the regional read offensive last year. We said that the number of our team and the implementation of regional reading so many people think, when our offensive front line players in the backside barrier, Bradford no reading, direct the ball to a running back. So I think when the referee gives the penalty is no problem. “Houston Texans t shirt iron on transfers

Message: pony before working with the Patriots wide receiver Wayne approached

Former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie – Wayne (Reggie Wayne) visit the New England Patriots on Sunday in the United States and is ready to undergo a medical examination.Kansas City Chiefs iron ons

The news was first reported by ESPN.

The veteran 14-year career in the colt finished last season 15 games, completed 63 times the ball forward 779 yards and two touchdowns. Wayne is currently also holds the second data pony history, including the ball 1,070 times, advancing 14,345 yards and 80 touchdowns.

Currently Patriots offensive group needs some veteran added, which can help them through no – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) in the first four games.Kansas City Chiefs t shirt iron on transfers

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Jaguar security guard will miss the entire preseason Shipp Leen

Jacksonville Jaguars will face the bad news in the first week of preseason, the tight end Julius – Thomas (Julius Thomas) season. Saturday, coach Caracas – Bradley (Gus Bradley) announced that the team security guard 霍纳森 – Shipp Leen (Johnathan Cyprien) will not be played in the preseason.Cleveland Browns t shirt iron on transfers

In Friday’s victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers game, Shipp Leen finger injury, will undergo surgery in the near future. If all goes well, he can still recover in time before the regular season begins. Lean truce during Shipp, Josh – Evans (Josh Evans) and Cragg – Ruston (Craig Loston) will share playing time.

25-year old Shipp Leen is considered one of the young security guard is the most promising. According to PFF rankings last season, he ranked only 84 in the top 170 are eligible to participate in the security. New season, Shipp Leen hope to complete a full season, thus proving their abilities.Cleveland Browns iron ons

Patriots quarterback Garo Polo: still a long way to go

Jimmy – Garo Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo) no New England Patriots in the preseason opener in the first episode, the team chose to – Tom Brady (Tom Brady) directing the team to play the first seven-speed attack.Detroit Lions t shirt iron on transfers

But Gallo Baltic rest of the game played, as he may be in the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the season opener in the first stage, the game will receive more attention than most of the preseason. Garo Polo the game 30 of 20 passes successfully obtained 159 yards, 1 passes were steals. He fought losing 11-22 in the second half of the game’s performance better than the first half, in the second half of his 17 pass 15.

Better second half is due to the Garo repeatedly failed in the Baltic and wide receiver Josh – after Joyce (Josh Boyce) completed a long pass with favor greater use of short pass. Garo Polo in the offensive line composed of a bench behind the captured and killed seven times, he shared some responsibility for them, saying that “you can always quickly shot the ball.”

“Performance has ups and downs,” Garrow said the Baltic. “We obviously still have a long way to go .11 points from any point of view is not good enough. There’s room for improvement.”Detroit Lions iron ons

Garo Polo will get more opportunities in this month, we will soon know whether his performance in this game is a rehearsal for the season opener.

Bill no fore starting quarterback competition

Buffalo Bills quarterback position disappointing situation continued into Saturday’s squad training game, a fan even publicly called once played for the team of Kyle – Orton (Kyle Orton) return.

Although EJ- Manuel (EJ Manuel) is recognized in this training event “winners”, the local media to show offensive group described as “disgusting.”Cleveland Browns iron ons

Three quarterbacks are sequentially with the starting lineup, with the second team and third team went to the field, Man Nier 11 passes five successes 105 yards and the only touchdown. Matt – Kassel (Matt Cassel) 6 passes only twice successfully achieved 27 yards. When he led the first attack when the group rushed the ball game tactics are mainly offensive. Tailuo De – Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) show little talent, made 13 pass 8 and also rushed the ball 83 yards made 31 yards. But coach Rex – Ryan (Rex Ryan) to pass several opportunities he missed disappointed.

Although Ryan group represents a defensive play well early in training camp to attack the group is normal, he hoped they would have a stronger quarterback performance. “I want to see a performance stand out, but no.” Ryan said.Cleveland Browns t shirt iron on transfers

Although not able to give his new team a good impression in the offseason training, veteran Sam Cassell is still possible to obtain benefits in the preseason. “We are likely to make in the first game against the Carolina Panthers in Kassel first, and then we start from him,” Ryan said:. “Obviously we will rotate the starting quarterback candidates”

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